In each episode of AOE LIVE, our talented hosts, Tim Bogatz and Andrew McCormick tackle relevant and at times controversial topics in art ed. Expert guests, polls, and questions from the audience (that’s you!) make this a truly one-of-kind experience for art teachers. Of course, Tim and Andrew will offer their own opinions…even if they don’t always agree! Enjoy the podcast, or watch the recording live! Get more information at
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May 27, 2015

Join Tim and Andrew as they sit down with Art of Education founder Jessica Balsley and discuss how to find that sweet spot at home and at work. They discuss the myth of the work/life balance, why multi-tasking is overrated, and how to let positivity drive your teaching.  Learn how to get the most out of teaching and life with some simple tips like "layering" and using the idea of an “ideal day" to strive towards excellence.  This episode is filled with so much great advice from Jessica's years of teaching and being an entrepreneur. You'll walk away from this episode rejuvenated and ready to find you own sweet spot of success, productivity, and balance!

May 13, 2015

 Learn some incredibly helpful tricks for getting your students to put on and promote their very own art show.  Join the guys and their guest Kristin Stephens, a secondary parochial art teacher from the Washington D.C. area, as they discuss the three strategies for launching an effective student-run art show. Just imagine, you’ll have enough energy left over the night of the opening… you might actually be able to  sit back and enjoy the process!  Kristin walks us through how she starts planning months in advance, gets student committees responsible for the majority of the work, and then delegates like a boss to execute the whole big thematic art show. You'll especially enjoy seeing how this process ties in with the new NCCAS.  Tons of great tips in this one!  Get into it!  

May 2, 2015

Ted Edinger of "Art With Mr. E" fame stops by to talk about all things art teaching; student teachers, developing your strengths as a teacher and improving upon your weaknesses. His insight into these three keys of teaching will make this episode a must-listen! We had a few audio issues with this episode, but stick around until the end to find out why Ted is Andrew's new hero.