In each episode of AOE LIVE, our talented hosts, Tim Bogatz and Andrew McCormick tackle relevant and at times controversial topics in art ed. Expert guests, polls, and questions from the audience (that’s you!) make this a truly one-of-kind experience for art teachers. Of course, Tim and Andrew will offer their own opinions…even if they don’t always agree! Enjoy the podcast, or watch the recording live! Get more information at
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Jun 24, 2015

Ian Sands stops by to kick off his AOE farwell tour!  Ian is a long time contributer to AOE by way of North Carolina and has become a huge champion for Choice Based Art Education and TAB at the secondary level.  He'll be sorely missed at AOE.  Tim and Andrew get one last chance to talk Zonkeys, opening up your classroom and your teaching style to choice to empower students to make authentic art.  Ian shares his vision for the future of art education covering how space could be better utilized to spur authentic creation, new media in the artroom, and the possible stumbling block of SLO's and standardized assessments.

Listen in as Ian pounders the slight, yet profound difference between getting great results from your students or your students get great results.  While this sounds a bit confusing... that's a whole different way of looking at art education. 

Jun 10, 2015

Join Tim and Andrew as they sit down and talk STEAM education with Cassidy Reinken.  Cassidy is a former middle school and elementary art teacher.  She’s also written and taught for the Art of Education before transitioning to be the new STEAM Magnet Coordinator for Johnson STEAM Academy Magnet School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

You’ll see what we all can learn from a STEAM magnet model (regardless of how invested we are in STEAM education).  As Cassidy points out, the Arts is the glue that makes STEM work.  See how this new hybrid school aims to revitalize not just the school district, but the larger community through arts integration.  Finally, learn some tips on how to build buy in while aligning curriculum vertically and horizontally. We know you’ll love this one.